President’s Message

To all members of the VHPA SoCal Chapter

First, let me thank you one and all for your service to our great nation. We who flew in RVN have the honor of being remembered every time a veteran hears UH-1 Hueys blades making that wop-wop thundering noise. Recalling that those who flew those aircraft were always coming whenever called, night or day, rain or sunshine. Again, thank you for your service.
Second, I have been elected to serve as your Chapter President – and as many of you know Sven, who has been your President for the last five years, his shoes are going to be hard to fill. But I look forward to the challenge and will do my best to fill them and continue with the projects and work that he has done for our VHPA SoCal chapter.
Lastly, I would like to extend Holiday greetings to each and every member, families and friends.

Jim Davidson
President, VHPA SoCal Chapter