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Welcome to the Southern California Chapter of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Website

Thank you for visiting our website. The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) is an organization of over 15,000 helicopter pilots, from all branches of the military, who flew a helicopter in Vietnam during the period from 1961 to 1975. The Southern California Chapter of the VHPA (SoCal Chapter-VHPA) was formed on March 18th, 2000 when our first meeting was held at VFW Post 2070, in Monrovia, CA. We became an officially recognized Chapter of the VHPA on June 4, 2000. We currently have 68+/- members and we are hoping that another estimated 400 VHPA members in the Southern California area will join our ranks. The VHPA holds an annual reunion over the July 4th holiday. It is held in different cities throughout the US. Our goal is to continue to promote the friendships established so many years ago in a far away land and friendships that have been established and renewed at the annual reunions, on a local basis. In order to become a member of the SoCal Chapter-VHPA, you must belong to the VHPA. The SoCal Chapter-VHPA also has an Associate level membership. We would like all helicopter crewmembers to join us on the Associate level. Crewmembers were crucial in our survival during the Vietnam war and have a place in our organization as well as our hearts. After all, someone has to keep our tales of heroic deeds down to a believable level. This site will always be under construction with more items added as they are received. Please feel free to browse our site and tell us what you think. Membership applications are available on this site. If there are any questions, please feel to contact me at the email address below. Also, please visit our linked sites. Many of these links are to various helicopter units of the Vietnam era and contain great stories, photo’s and a wealth of information.

Jim Davidson, President – – 909-633-4427
Ron Warner, Vice President                                                                                                             Jim Grimm, Secretary/Treasurer

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